Our Mission

Our mission is to empower parents to advocate for themselves against unwarranted government intrusion and intervention. 


A letter from our Founder

My name is Krista Mcintire, Founder and Director of Family Rights Advocacy- an organization created to help families maintain and protect their rights while undergoing a Child Protective Services investigation. 

I began advocating for families in 2015 and since then have personally helped hundreds of families in their difficult, sometimes terrifying journeys through the CPS investigation process.

I am not an attorney, nor do I offer legal advice. I simply equip the families by helping them know their rights, what they should expect during the investigation, and serve as witness and advocate, while holding their caseworker accountable throughout the process. I attend critical meetings between the caseworkers and families in order to help them stand their ground. Then we stay in constant contact and do whatever is necessary until the case is closed!

I am passionate about helping families through the  difficult journey that comes from being under CPS investigation. FRA was born from that passion and it’s only grown over the last 5 years. I will continue to dedicate myself to the same values and passion that still inspires me today. 

With love, Krista